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Tusk creates original music for your needs. He specializes in multimedia, films, TV shows, advertisement, radio jingle, video games, tutorials and iOS applications. Music genres can range from Orchestral, Jazz Big Band, Blues, Gospel to Rock, Acoustic, Funk, Hip-Hop and Electronic and beyond. He will work closely with you to achieve your goal and provide a unique piece of music to make your business stand out in a competitive market.


You have a song! Not sure what instruments would best fit your style? Tired of playing same repertoire, and want to give it a different style? As an arranger, Tusk will take the simplest melody and chords and distribute to different instruments, making it into a fully arranged orchestra. He reharmonize a Beatles tune to make it "Jazzy", and if you just want to add background strings to your pop song as a "sweetener," he will make it all come true.


As a producer, Tusk oversees the entire recording and creative process of music. He works with recording acts and labels to produce music. His roles include, but are not limited to: gathering ideas, shaping the project's objectives, working on musical arrangements with the artists, selecting  songs for the album, controlling the budget, contracting the players, orgnizing the recording sessions, and overseeing the mixing & mastering. 


You have perfectly recorded tracks. Not sounding like the music that's coming from the radio/TV yet? Mixing is a necessary process for all professional music products. It gives clarity, sense of space, warmth, and makes your music sound clean & properly balanced.


You have hand written music? As a copyist, Tusk can convert it to a publish-ready digital format such as PDF, so that you can publish and distribute your sheet music online, or use it for your teaching lessons/rehearsals/concerts.

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